Saturday, June 15, 2013


how to increase signal strength of dongle?
It seems stupid but you can increase the signal strength of your dongle. Commonly people (mostly students) are suffering from low network . It happen with me also so that's why i do research on this topic and find a simple way to increase signal strength.This trick work on any kind or any company's dongle.

By this research i came to know that we can increase radio frequency of a modem by put some aluminium or metallic things
near the modem . It increase the signal strength by attracting signal.
so here is a trick you can do easily at home , collage or where you live .
 At first you need a USB extender cable , a CD/DVD some aluminium foil .

1) First of all covered CD/DVD with aluminium foil.

2) Then insert your dongle in hole of CD/DVD.

3) Now connect dongle to one end of the extender cable.

4) Connect other end of the extender wire to your PC.

5) Keep your dongle in open place or hang near window.

That's it.

This trick is surely increase signal of your dongle device for you as it done for me.

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